Reading Pet Peeves Part I

I have always been a reader. They say that if you do something for 10,000 hours that you are an expert so that basically makes me a professional reader. Naturally, if you are an expert at anything, you are bound to find things about the activity that you just can’t stand.

Reading pet peeves…or in this case publishing pet peeves.

Although we are conditioned not to judge a book by it’s cover, I enjoy judging covers. I love book covers and all the work that goes into them. I always get excited when a book is republished with a new cover. I even collect different editions of the same book to admire all the different covers. BUT THIS:

This is simply unforgivable.

I noticed these books while I was in Target, and it really got me thinking about how angry this makes me. I am not opposed to books getting new covers. I often love new covers more than the original, but there is something so gross to me about a movie poster being advertised while pretending to be a book cover.

As if it’s not painful enough that most adaptations miss the point of the book, but changing the cover or even the title of the book to match the movie adds insult to injury. I find it very irritating when a movie adaptation has a different title than it’s source material, but there are cases when it’s understandable. I can understand why filmmakers don’t want to release a new movie titled “between shades of gray.” They obviously want to avoid confusion with 50 Shades of Grey-I get it. There is no reason however that poor Between Shades of Gray has to be republished for the rest of it’s days as Ashes in the Snow.

Now onto the movie posters. In both examples of Between Shades of Gray and Dumplin’ Go Big or Go Home, the original artwork of the book cover is far superior to the movie poster.

Just look at the original cover for Dumplin’, it tells you everything you need to know about the book. It has subtly, it captures Murphy’s spirit and sense of humor. It shows the triumphant and trailblazer attitude of Dumplin’ with her hands in the air. What does the movie poster tell you? Absolutely nothing. It is a close up picture of a girl. It could be someone’s senior portrait.

This happens all the time! Hollywood takes our books, slaps actors on the cover, and tries to sell them to us again. I never buy a book with actors on the cover, and I never will. The only time I can remember a movie poster being batter than the original book cover is Lolita, but that’s the exception not the rule.

The point is, I think that movie poster covers take away from my reading experience. The next time you’re in Barnes and Noble or Target, I promise you that you’ll find more examples. They’re everywhere!

3 thoughts on “Reading Pet Peeves Part I

  1. Have you noticed the similarity of the Lolita cover to 80s era album covers? Do you think that is why you embrace it, or do you think it embodies the story better?


    1. I’m not sure if it embodies the story better necessarily, but the original cover is just so simple that any attempt to embody the story looks better in comparison.


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